“Designs for You Baskets” – We specialize in Corporate, Personal and All Occasion Customized Gift Baskets – delivering throughout Canada and around the world!  Let us design your “Wishes in a Basket” made to order! 

Here at Designs for You Baskets our creative team designs with you, the client in mind – whether you choose to provide your input or leave it to our designers, we guarantee a truly one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion! =

We take great care to design a gift basket that you will be proud to give and deliver lasting memories.  We work with our clients from start to finish, via phone or email to create a special design, colour and theme to meet your specifications. 

Our “in process” photos will provide you with the opportunity to see what we are creating to allow you to suggest any changes before the completed basket goes out!  We value your input and are happy to make any necessary changes prior to delivery. 

Once you have approved the design,  the basket is wrapped in cellophane and decorated with our own gorgeous Designs for You handmade bows and ribbons or additional novelties.  You will receive a final photo of the completed basket via email just prior to delivery as confirmation that your distinctive gift is on the way!

Designs for You Baskets uses only the highest quality supplies that may include:  Chocolates, Cookies, Crackers, Cheeses, Coffees, Teas, Cocoa, and we also include alcohol at your request.  We will do our best to accommodate special types of food products as well, also upon request. 

Our company will do our best to create any style of Gift Basket for you and remember these aren’t limited to food items and can be whatever your personal vision may be for your “Wishes in a Basket.” 

HANDMADE WOODEN TOTES:  Our Designs for You woodworking shop will also take special orders for Handmade Pine or Cedar Totes that include; Spa Totes, Gardening Totes, Equine or Pet Totes, and Wine/Food Totes.  Some of the totes have been created from Pine Beetle recycled wood, with a wood-burned finish and once empty can be used again and again as an environmentally friendly, attractive receptacle that are a lovely reminder of your thoughtful gifting gesture!

A Special Tote for My Dad - unwrapped version only copy